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About Iguana Group

Iguana Group emerged from Martes Sport Capital Group of companies involved in production, distribution and retail sale of sporting goods in Central and Eastern Europe, employing more than 2300 people.

The history of the Group dates back to 1993. More than 20 years of experience, stable financial potential, continuously developing human resources as well as an optimized logistics provide a foundation for a well-established position of the Group and make its member companies reliable partners who not only develop themselves but also allow for a dynamic development of their counterparties.

About Iguana Group

Iguana Group specialises in distribution of sports clothing, shoes and accessories. The Capital Group is an owner of the following brands: Iguana, Elbrus, Aquawave, Bejo, IQ, Coolslide and a licensee to Hi-Tec brand and Magnum brand. Owing to a comprehensive offer, innovation and understanding customer needs we continue to enlarge the group of our customers around the world.

A takeover of Iguana Brand was an important stage in the Company development. Market analyses resulted in a development plan to reinforce Iguana Brand among top sports brands. Implementation of the plan will also provide new business opportunities to existing and future partners of Iguana Group.

About Iguana Group


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Modern warehouse facilities and an excellent location ensure efficient distribution of goods. Iguana Group owns warehouse facilities with total area of 20 000 m2 and cooperates with the largest freight forwarders, such as DHL, GLS, UPS. Shipments are quick and reliable, with million parcels delivered only in 2016!

Iguana Group is based in Bielsko-Biala – a city on the crossroads of key routes connecting Northern and Eastern Europe with its southern and western part. Located near the border of the country, Bielsko-Biala is not only a centre of commerce, industry and tourism, but also a perfect location for distribution of products in Poland, Europe and worldwide.


B2B Cooperation

An important area of Iguana Group’s activity involves collaboration with Business Partners in the delivery of sportswear and accessories tailored to individual needs.

Owing to wide range of products offered, stocks at suitably high levels and selective design patterns, Iguana Group is able to meet demand of wholesale customers, sports clubs and companies searching for professional technical clothing for their employees, partners and customer loyalty schemes. Apparel and accessories may be customized with logos using various methods: computerized embroidery, print, patches, etc.

Experience in providing services to largest businesses supports quality of orders processed.

Contact: b2b@iguana.group, +48 500 059 872

B2B Cooperation

Our Brands

Iguana Brand appeared in 1990 in California, quickly becoming a top brand for many sport enthusiasts worldwide. This sporting brand is famous among active people, who can’t imagine a life without sports. Iguana products combine casual style with multi-sport functionality. They are modern, long-lasting and durable and are perfect not only for snowboarding and several-day trekking but also for everyday use.
This brand is targeting all enthusiasts of outdoor activities who want to stand out. Stylish and comfortable products featuring original design – are perfect for active and young people. Yet, Elbrus means not only attractive products, but also an ideology embedded in the slogan: “Remember to Explore” that encourages people to discover new places, experiences and activities. All of this resulted in this brand winning out a great success and quickly spreading throughout Europe.
The brand belonging to Iguana Group provides products targeted to children and youth. Its products are distinguished by expressive use of colour, effective colour combinations, variety of designs and prints, as well as an excellent price-quality ratio. Durable fabrics go hand in hand with an attention to detail and functional solutions offering young customers comfort. The brand attaches importance to safety of children through the use of specifically chosen components.
A brand belonging to Iguana Group is dedicated to enthusiasts of water sports. It has been very popular among swimmers and enthusiasts of water recreation who appreciate comfort and uniqueness. This brand attempts to provide comfortable and designer products at an affordable price. Each subsequent collection features bright colours and pleasing design. This brand offers swimsuits, swimwear and accessories, such as swimming caps, sunglasses or swimming goggles for men, women and children.
Created by Iguana Group, this brand is becoming more and more popular among enthusiasts of rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, or skates. It is chosen by active people who think that sport can’t go without good fun and vice versa. This brand combines high quality with modern and fashionable design. Expressive colours and fancy designs are eye-catching while innovative materials and technologies ensure full safety of Coolslide products.
Sports brand offering premium products. Designed to be perfect for active people who value quality, reliability and functionality while looking for a unique design. IQ brand is highly-regarded by enthusiasts of functional training, fitness and running. Customer trust results from advanced materials and solutions that provide comfort and safety while practising sports activities.
British brand established in 1974. For many years it has been adored by travellers, sportsmen and enthusiasts of active life around the world. Hi-Tec brand value is driven by innovative solutions and technologies ensuring maximum comfort and protection under harsh weather conditions. Wide variety of clothing products can also be used daily.
For more than 20 years this tactical footwear brand has been present in the market. Its products result from detailed research and surveys among uniformed services, such as: military forces, Police, Fire Service or security services. Magnum collection includes unique models of tactical boots (low, ankle-high, and high) that will work for harsh conditions. Great attention to detail and individual technical solutions ensure maximum comfort even under extreme conditions.
Italian brand producing sports apparel with the history that goes back to 1956. The Company is offering collection of sportswear for enthusiasts of summer and winter sports, who appreciate good quality and stylish design. Brugi products combine comfort, stylish Italian design and practical solutions with an excellent quality-price ratio. For decades, Brugi products have enjoyed continued popularity among sports lovers all over Europe. This brand has been offering footwear and apparel plus accessories to practice skiing, snowboarding, biking, running and fitness, as well as variety of casual products.
For more than 40 years, Arena has been producing technologically advanced swimwear and accessories for enthusiasts of water sports. The brand has been a global market leader with products appreciated both by professional athletes and amateur swimmers. Since the very beginning, this brand has been investing in innovative solutions with numerous cutting-edge developments in swimwear and swimsuits. Today, Arena is present during the most important swimming competitions and cooperating with the most famous swimmers worldwide.
Italian premium brand established in the early 50’s of the 20th century. This brand is an example of a cult brand among skiers all over the world. Collection of products also includes outdoor and casual apparel. This brand was the first one to develop an aerodynamic suit. In 1952 Zeno Colo who wore the very first piece of aerodynamic ski apparel won the World Championship in Oslo. Since that time the Company has entered into the world of dynamic technical development winning more and more popularity. Colmar has cooperated with Italian Winter Sports Federation, ski trainers and best sportsmen and women.
Nike Accesories
Nike, one of the undisputed market leaders producing sports footwear, apparel, and accessories. Since its establishment in the 60’s of the 20th century, the brand has developed a wide range of innovative technologies and solutions that has fundamentally changed the face of sport. Nike accessories feature not only functional pattern but also design and care for detail. This category of products includes among others accessories for running, training, and yoga.


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